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I am sharing this page to help writers looking for a writing community. I have tried many sites for writers. Most do not provide the detailed and helpful feedback that the writers on FanStory provide. FanStory is for writers that want to help and improve - and it shows. You get detailed and helpful feedback at FanStory that a writer needs.
When you first become a writer on FanStory you will have the option to post a story, poem or book. I posted a poem since I mainly write poems (I have since tried other forms of writing). When you post a poem you can include an image to accompany it. And you have many formatting options including changing the colors, formatting and fonts.

Shortly after you post your poem you will get reviews. More reviews normally follow shortly after! So you simply need to post your poem to get reviews.

There is also a "Give and Take" system in place. If you write reviews you will get more reviews. I like that. I can get my free fanstory reviews (usually two) or write reviews to get even more reviews. There are no fees involved.
FanStory is different from other writing sites because it provides a professional environment. You get helpful feedback. Not overly critical like you get from some sites that makes you feel like terrible. And not "fluff" either. But rather most reviewers provide supportive and encouragement while also providing helpful advise on how you can improve.

There are also writing contests that are fun to enter. You can win cash prizes. There is no fee to enter so you can enter as many as you want.

Most of all FanStory is different because of the people that are on it. It's not a young crowd. Everyone is serious about writing. Not everyone is looking to get published but everyone seems to be very interesting in helping you.  FanStory is the real deal. A great writing site for writers looking to share their writing.

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I am a poet. I enjoy sharing my spiritual thoughts in poetic form.  I live in Orlando, FL. Enjoying my retirement in the warmth of this beautiful state.